Are you converted yet? Our Most Recent Barn Conversion in Co. Wicklow


Living in the Garden Of Ireland has entitled an array of property developers and house dwellers to consider barn conversions. The scenic countryside that envelops our county is rich with rustic properties that already have been, or have the potential to be converted into spectacular homes. Barn conversions are becoming progressively popular in society and there are a number of alluring factors which draw buyers and homeowners to them.

So what do you need to consider when thinking about converting a barn?
Here are our thoughts and recommendations that we take from our most recent Barn Conversion in Co. Wicklow.

Our brief for this project was to renovate and convert a 200-year-old stone barn into a 1-bedroom house.

The client wanted us to retain as much of original structure of the barn, so we came up with a design of slotting a new timber frame house inside the old walls which would be on new reinforced concrete floor; thus the old walls just became cosmetic. At the same time, we were aware that this new timber frame would give us an ‘A’ rated energy house.

The slotting in of timber frame of the house gave us the opportunity to slot in new windows at a high level to flood the house with natural light. Lime plaster was used on all the old walls of the barn.

Inside the house, we used all natural materials:  1) we reused some old stone from an attached derelict barn to create a feature wall in the main living space, 2)Limed oak flooring, 3)we recreated the barn roof ceiling with decorative trusses and finally 4), we made a feature of the wood burning stove that we  installed.

Well-converted barns can create an outstanding home, utilising the character charisma of its former premises, with large open-plan areas, spectacular vaulted ceilings and exquisite exposed timbers. Modern building techniques open the door to stunning juxtapositions within a barn conversion, allowing the contemporary interior design to wed seamlessly with the handsome country shell of the home.

Of course, barn conversions are not without their hindrances. Authorities have been known to impose restrictions on certain conversions due to their rarity and specific clauses in legislation. However, when barns are converted with a creative accuracy to the correct laws, they are renowned for achieving premiums in the property market, largely thanks to the appeal of a wide demographic of buyers.